Supported by a clear and sharp brand image

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Supported by a clear and sharp brand image

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Badr Arts and Crafts style lettering logo design Logo design by KisaDesign Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Arts and Crafts is all about technique. Even when creating a design on a computer, it should not look like it was made by a computer. The term "Arts and Crafts" is meant to evoke an early style of craftsmanship, taking advantage of illustrative techniques such as flowing lines, hatching, and painterly textures. Respect for materials has always been an essential point, so perhaps the best way to get into the Arts and Crafts spirit is to create your designs by hand before transposing them to the computer.

Create first — Arts and Crafts was a movement photo retouching service that sought to bring beauty to the fore. He fought against how industrial machinery has ruined the aesthetic experience for both artist and consumer. Although it draws on pre-industrial Gothic styles, it is (perhaps more than any other decorative movement) more of a philosophy than a particular style. To be an Arts and Crafts designer, you have to be willing to get your hands dirty, worry about the materials and the functionality of what you create. Arts and crafts is more than glue and scissors, it is above all about creating designs with passion. PERIOD. is a movement created by young people with ambitious goals.


The organization distributes free menstrual products to communities in need, gives voice to local activists through trainings, and advocates for systemic change. Thanks to the multiple hats worn by the organization, PERIOD's campaigns. always manage to remain innovative and attract attention. “We are reaching out to volunteers, activists, donors, legislators and decision makers,” explains Michela Bedard, Executive Director of PERIOD, “So we need to be very clear in our request and our identity. » the campaigns of PERIOD. manage to impose themselves while remaining innovative, fun and useful. The PERIOD campaign. x99nonprofits PERIOD. was one of the beneficiaries of 99nonprofits, a global initiative that provides free design services to organizations making a positive impact in their local and international communities. Tote bag design by CLCreative.