Networks or on certain mobile applications

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Networks or on certain mobile applications

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When we talk about the perfect combinations, we often refer to the O2O model, in English, “Online to Offline” which presents itself as an “online” to “offline” strategy. What is the O2O strategy? O2O is a marketing strategy that connects offline services to customers connected to the internet. To put it simply, this business method can attract online customers or subscribers to physical stores, for example. With this strategy, you ensure an effective connection by identifying potential customers online and sending them emails, newsletters, sharing on social Strikingly implements several features to allow companies to use the O2O process through the created website.

Even if an offline marketing strategy is photo retouching service different from the techniques implemented on the Internet to attract customers and generate more revenue, it remains a base to master to develop the presence of a brand. It is possible to consider this method as a way for a user to collect their items from a physical store with an address for possible returns. Presentation Bahia Blanca Image Taken from Bahia Blanca This marketing method is very effective for the majority of companies since with the O2O technique you will improve your results if it is used well.


By using Strikingly, you will be able to create your website more easily through the ideas and advice put in place while perfectly mastering the application of the O2O process. Nowadays, companies using O2O process have more business opportunities and can focus on various strategies at once. With this technique, you will be able to both manage your online business and own a physical store to allow customers to have interactions with merchants and even pay with on-site bank cards or smartphones. Through this article, we will present some achievements made by Strikingly users to allow you to better understand the O2O process.