Luz parpadeo de wifi en todos los interruptores

¿Estas montando tu sistema con Sonoff y te falla algo? Podemos ayudarte a conseguir que todo funcione como esperas
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Re: Luz parpadeo de wifi en todos los interruptores

Mensaje por raul55 » Jue Sep 15, 2022 10:36 pm

Comparto tal cual para vuestra info:
There seems to be generic internet issues. At first only the eWeLink connection seemed to be affected, but I’ve now seen that also Facebook, Twitter and Telegram are very slow loading

So far you might see the following effects on the eWeLink app:

toad messages “Failed. Network error.”
no scenes displayed
no response of some (mainly non-LAN mode) devices
The best thing you can do is report the issue with the in-app feedback at: Profile > Help & feedback > Feedback > document icon at the upper right corner.